BSi Steel Ltd. Investment Case
A Strong Presence In Africa

We have simplified the business
maximising our capabilities across the board
an era of conitnual improvement of our traditional core business.

BSi Steel Ltd - Investment Case, A strong presence in Africa

Committed to growing into a holistic supplier to the African & South African consumer

we now move into an era of continual improvement of our traditional core business which continues to produce sound results.

  • We have a presence in all near countries and a proven exports track record in further afield in sub-Saharan African countries.
  • Our product development is focused on agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, mining and infrastructural development
  • Our growth is based on simplicity of doing business and identifying steel products which our customer's require.
  • Our scope for growth in South Africa and sub Saharan African markets is significant.
  • Our commitment to extra-ordinary customer service is reciprocated by outstanding customer loyalty

A strong African presence harnesses the potential of mining, oil and infrastructural development off a low base.

We have 2 branches & 3 Franchise operations in 3 SADC countries, with strong mining economies

Our first mover advantage gives us critical mass to support local steel mills and distribute efficiently throughout the region

Our strong international ties ensure blue water trading opportunities, and supply to our new markets at ‘best steel cost’

We understand Africa and what it takes to be successful there

Our investment in mission-critical infrastructure, a recession-acquired aversion to inefficiency and a commitment to business simplicity will empower us throughout the inevitable recovery.

  • We have a world class distribution centre and steel processing facility in the south of Johannesburg
  • Our ERP and IT platform both in and outside South Africa, integrates the entire business like no other
  • Our costs are scrutinized for any inefficiency, and eliminated if not delivering value
  • Our systems and processes are being constantly refined towards efficiency and ‘keeping things simple’
  • Our remuneration strategies are aligned towards profitability and return on investment

The team is young, dynamic and sees change as an opportunity, not a threat

  • We are living in a fast-changing, dynamic world that requires quick decisions, empowered people and integrated information systems
  • BSi Steel understands that to thrive in this new steel environment, one needs to attract and retain great talent
  • We aspire to be the ‘employer of choice’ in the steel industry, creating opportunity for talented individuals to prosper within a vibrant, performance-driven culture
  • Our leadership engages actively with the talent pool, encouraging ‘constructive confrontation’ and speaking up to eliminate inefficiency and drive innovation